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There are many ways that you can become part of our efforts. Whether it’s using our consulting services to help improve your own organization, partnering with us on cutting-edge projects, or investing resources, your involvement is what makes our success possible!

Get Involved

Partner with WTEA

Community is the heart of Workforce Training Education Alliance. Community is the reason for our past success and is key to our future impact. WTEA allies and friends join our community to contribute to projects that address workforce and education issues affecting the economy. As a community, we can reach beyond what one organization can tackle by itself. We forge partnerships with organizations that hold like-minded values and who share our vision. We invite you to join us to help scale and amplify our current and future projects. Together we can bridge the gap and create an equitable future for all.


Ones that are associated with others as a helper : a person or group providing assistance and support in an ongoing effort, activity, or struggle.

Allies are those who believe in our mission and want to connect, collaborate, and contribute to increasing the resilience of the workforce and education ecosystem.
Allies contribute financially and provide support for WTEA’s institutional flexibility to take on projects helping the workforce ecosystem at scale.
Allies establish collaborative partnership endeavors and engage with WTEA to find solutions to challenges of mutual concern.

Ally Benefits

Visibility and recognition as a sponsor on our website

Networking opportunities to connect with regional and national leaders

Collaboration opportunities with like-minded organizations

Preferred partner in WTEA contract pursuits

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